Choosing The Right Heater – Ask Us

By Andrew | May 5, 2016

We have been involved in the party hire industry for a long time now and people often ask us for advice when they are working out what gear to hire for their upcoming event. This is a great thing to do because we know what clients often forget or hire too much of.

As we come into the Autumn months there is one item that you definitely should not overlook, especially if all or part of your party is being held outside. We all know about the weather in Melbourne. Perfect one minute, disaster the next. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off.

You have a variety of outdoor heaters to choose from when you hire them for a party. These include the round patio style heaters for hire, that you will often see in cafe courtyards. These are easily relocated and provide heat in a circular areas around the heater itself.

We also have three burner radiant heaters that, as the name suggests, radiate heat out from a wall for example into a room or patio area. They come on wheels so are easy to move and do not have the same kind of height requirements as the patio heaters for hire.

The latest style of heater that is popular for hiring are the small jet blower heater. They are great for balconies, sheds, marquees and other areas that have at least one open wall space. they are very powerful and you don’t run them constantly, just in bursts to warm the area up.

One recommendation that we make is to have spare gas bottles on hand, just in case you need them. We have heard of many parties that kick on for longer than expected and then the heating runs out, leaving everyone in the cold. So don’t risk that happening at your party.

Whatever your gas heater hire needs might be, don’t be shy to ask us for advice. No one likes to be cold, so don’t risk getting the wrong heaters or not enough to keep your guests warm this winter.

Don’t forget to prepare your summer event as well !