Marquee Help

We have been supplying marquees for the Victorian community for over 15 years and have a solution for most events weather, it be a back yard party at home, a wedding in a rural setting, corporate event in the park or a music festival we have you covered.

Selecting the right marquee

There are many different things to take into account when selecting the right marquee/s.

If you send us the following information, we can help you make the right decision for your event and budget.

Please remember no two places we install a marquee are the same, from working on different ground surfaces to some places being sheltered from weather and some being more exposed the information you provide us is very important for us to advise you on the correct marquee for your area.

Size of area.

We need to know accurate measurements of the total clear area we have to work with, as we have to not only allow room for the marquee foot print but also working room to assemble/disassemble the marquee and secure the marquee with either pegs or weights.

Draw a diagram

The best way of doing this is drawing a diagram (it does not need to be to scale) showing the shape of the total are we have to work with, then with a tape measure take accurate measurements (metric) and write it on the diagram.

If your area has more than one surface type (ie. Grass and concrete) please show it on your drawing so we can work out what we can peg and where we will require weights.

Other measurements you may need to provide:

If the marquee is going up against a house is there an eave: if so at what height and how far out does it come?

Do you have external door/s that will lead straight into the marquee? If so please measure the height of the door and how far in swings into the area when opening and closing (or it might mean that once the marquee is in place the door won’t be able to open or close).

Take photos.

Take a clear photo from either end of your area so we can see the entire area from the two photos (this is super important that we can see the whole area as this is where we can identify any other issues that we may have in your area)


Do you have any under ground service’s running through the area:

These can include Gas, Water, Sewer, Stormwater, irrigation, Plumbing for pools.

Please note our pegs are up to 900mm long.

Do you have any overhead power wires running through the area? If so at what height?

Details about your event:

How many people at anyone time do you want to be able to fit in the marquee?

What are you using the marquee for?

Is it for standing cocktail style

Seated at long tables

Seated at round tables?

Theatre style seating?

A vendor stall

Cover for a stage

How many people for?

What else do you need to fit in the marquee ie.

Dance Floor



Band? How big?


Marquee Don’ts

No Fires

We all know that Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable. Whether it is grey and rainy, or hot and sunny, a good marquee hire service helps ensure a comfortable day for you and your guests.

At Instant Party Hire, we have a huge variety of marquees sizes to choose from and have enough of our own marquees to cater for large events that need multiple covered areas to be erected. However, we are also more than happy to provide single marquees or gazebo hire for private parties too. No event is too large or too small.

Options to choose from include open sided marquees, tent style marquees, through to fully enclosed marquees for added weather protection or when privacy is required.

The above marquee hire prices include standard installation of the marquee on the private property providing the area is level. Prices on the website also assume we can peg into the ground and that we can get our delivery vehicle within 15 metres of where the marquee is going to be erected, with good access in general.

Marquee Hire Melbourne Price List

Please contact us for delivery/pickup costs. These start from $77.00 each way.

All of our marquees are made from high-quality materials. This means they will not only look great but also provide maximum comfort and safety for those attending your event.

For the most reliable Marquee Hire Melbourne has to offer, at affordable prices, call Instant Party Hire Today.