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Marquee Hire Melbourne

We all know that Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable. Whether it is grey and rainy, or hot and sunny, a good marquee hire service helps ensure a comfortable day for you and your guests.

At Instant Party Hire, we have a huge variety of marquees sizes to choose from and have enough of our own marquees to cater for large events that need multiple covered areas to be erected. However, we are also more than happy to provide single marquees or gazebos for private parties too.

Option also include open, tent style marquees, through to fully enclosed marquees for added weather protection or when privacy is required.

The following marquee hire prices include standard delivery, installation and pickup of the marquee on private property providing the area is level. We can peg into the ground and we can get our delivery vehicle within 15 metres of where the marquee is going with good access in general.

All of our marquees are made from high quality materials. this means they will not only look great, but also provide maximum comfort and safety for those attending your event.

For most affordable Marquee Hire Melbourne has to offer call Instant Party Hire Today.

Melbourne Instant Marquees Hire For Events

Metric SizeImperial Sizes (approx)Price
2.4m x 2.4m$160.00
3m x 3m10′ x 10′$160.00
3m x 6m10′ x 20′$280.00
3m x 9m10′ x 30′$380.00
3m x 12m10′ x 40′$420.00
3m x 15m10′ x 50′$520.00
3m x 18m10′ x 60′$620.00
3m x 21m10′ x 70′$720.00
3m x 24m10′ x 80′$880.00
3m x 4.5m10′ x 14.75′$250.00
3m x 7.5m10′ x 24.6′$330.00
3m x 10.5m10′ x 34.5′$430.00
3m x 13.5m10′ x 44.3′$530.00
3m x 16.5m10′ x 54.1′$630.00
4m x 4m13′ x 15′$280.00
4m x 8m13′ x 30′$470.00
4m x 12m13′ x 40′$660.00
4.5m x 6m14.75′ x 20′$400.00
4.5m x 9m14.75′ x 30′$550.00
4.5m x 12m14.75′ x 40′$730.00
6m x 6m20′ x 20′$450.00
6m x 9m20′ x 30′$675.00
6m x 12m20′ x 40′$880.00

3m x 3m Marquee

3m x 6m Marquees

Flooring Hire Items

Many people like to hire party flooring when they hire a marquee too. Why not combine your flooring and marquee hire for one low price. At Instant Party Hire, we have a wide range of flooring hire options to suit any gathering, along with tables and chairs hire and whatever else you might need to have a successful event.

Organise your next event the easy way, contact Instant Party Hire. We don’t just offer flooring and marquee hiring, but a large amount of tables, chairs and other party equipment hire equipment available for you.

Clear Span Marquee Structure 6m and 10m Wide Available

Our latest clear span marquee is available to hire in 6m and 10m widths, it comes in 3m bays.

The marquee structure is a very flexible and versatile product we can set it up in many different sizes, some of the more common sizes are:

6m x 6m, 6m x 9m, 6m x 12m, 6m x 15m and so on just add another 3 meters.

10m x 9m, 10m x 12m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 18m, 10m x 21m and so on just add another 3 meters.

Our popular clear span marquee structure hire products can either be pegged into the ground or weighted when on surfaces that cannot be pegged into.

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation on site quote for all your marquee hire needs.

Go to our gallery to find more images of clear span structure.


Pro Floor

Pro Floor is a flexible flooring hire system perfect for party and event flooring. We can install your event flooring along with a marquee or separately.

From $9.00 per Square Meter

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