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Harts Party Hire In Oakleigh Closes Down

Harts Party Hire


Harts Party Hire have been a reliable and trusted large party hire company in Melbourne for many years. Due to circumstances we are not totally clear about, they have been forced to close their doors and cease providing Melbourne marquee hire, table and chair hire and other services.

If you are searching for the Harts Party Hire phone number, it has been disconnected. 1300 669 201 no longer works.

While we sympathise with the business owner and their employees, for upcoming clients of theirs, the show must go on.  Perhaps you are in this same situation.

If you call us on  (03) 9451 0011 we will be happy to help you in the best way we can, and hopefully end the stress of where your party equipment is going to come from.

Party hire Melbourne Northern Suburbs

In need of a party equipment rental? Instant Party Hire has everything you need for your special event. All you have to do is call us and we will provide the information you need to make your dream event possible. We are a party hire existing for 10 years around Melbourne and the number one choice of party hire in Melbourne northern suburbs, at Tullamarine, Essendon, Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton, North Melbourne, Coburg, Preston, Fawkner and Kingsbury. Location is not an issue to us because we will make sure that no matter how near or far the event is. We will be there to make it extra special, memorable and perfect!

Instant Party Hire have the best team of people who works superbly and gracefully even under pressure. They give their 100% effort and the best of their ability to make the event a success! They are highly trained, skillful and knowledgeable to answer all your questions anything related to party hire, equipment or the event set up.

We will make your special day magical and with a wide range of party equipment that we offer, everything is possible. We’ve got marquee and flooring, food warmers and catering equipment, cutlery, glasses and linen, tables and chairs. If you think you can’t find what you are looking for from our list, contact us today to find out how we can be of help to you to make the event a successful one.

Party hire is the solution to all your party or event needs. We can cater to any sized event, doesn’t matter whether it is a big function or a small one and the cost is not at all an issue. We can assure you that our party hire packages are affordable and meet all budgets. We also do customised party hire packages to suit your event needs perfectly! With this being said, your event will definitely be something you have always been dreaming of.

With our help, you will find it easy to focus on the important things during the event while we operate behind the scenes. Instant Party Hire is committed to bringing your event to a higher level where guests are relaxed and comfortable so they can have fun and enjoy the event all day or all night long. With the use of our party hire equipments, you can have the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly on the day of the said event. Our staff will oversee everything before the program starts all the way to the end when all the guests have left. We will fix and clean the area like nothing happened. We want to leave the place with an impression that we clean as we go and we don’t want to let other people do it.

Our customer service team will give you expert advice and will show you some of our works with events booked in the past.  Whatever the occasion is, go ahead and book with us and we will be happy to assist you to make your function an enjoyable one for all guests.

Party Hire Melbourne Western Suburbs

If you are looking for party equipment rentals for any event, Instant Party Hire provides all that you need to make any occasion a successful one. Whether the event is a wedding, birthday party, business or school related, we can provide our party hire services to you.

Do you need chairs? Marquees? Tents? Lighting? Balloons? Glassware? And other party equipments? We have all that’s written on your list. Instant Party Hire is the best party hire in Melbourne West, western suburbs of Melbourne, Footscray, Yarraville, Braybrook and Sunshine West and other parts of Melbourne. If you are located anywhere from among these suburbs simply contact us and enquire about the equipments and services that we provide.

Instant Party Hire is locally owned and provides affordable equipment for hire. have the best people on the team who are reliable, efficient and committed to give you the best service especially if you are looking for someone to organise a party. Our staff is trained, experienced and passionate with what they do and they always give a full 100% excellent service to our clients. It is good to know there is a team of party hires staff who will make your event a special one and an occasion you will definitely remember.

Instant Party Hire is your one stop shop solution to any party needs and we work to find the best ways for your function, one that suits your needs perfectly. Our staff will ensure you have all that you need on the day of the event, if something on your list is not a part of our services we can discuss things in order to make your event a success!

With over 10 years of experience in this business, Instant Party Hire is proven to be the leading choice of party hire in Melbourne and continues to expand and improve our services. We can take on any jobs involving party rentals no matter how big or small the occasion is, look no further because we have the answer!

We supply an extensive range of hire party supplies and equipments to cater client requests and you will see all that at our website. We create wonderful memories for your event and we will manage everything on your behalf so you can relax on the day of the occasion. It is our job to lift the burden off your shoulder and make this event a memorable one for you, your guests and even the staff. It is time for you to sit back and enjoy the party while our staff works behind the scenes. Their work is to make things easier for you and not to worry about the event.

For more information give us a call or email us via CONTACT US page on our website. We will happily answer your enquiries about party hire, functions, equipment rental and so much more. Let’s discuss together all possible packages that are tailored perfectly to suit your expectations on the day of the event.

Event Equipment Hire

Event planning can be stressful and tiring so if you need equipments for hire for upcoming parties, we are here to assist you with what you need. Instant Party Hire is the number one choice of party hire in Melbourne. We offer a wide range of equipments to complete any event such as marquee/gazebo/tent, food warmer, pie warmer furniture, chairs, gas outdoor heaters, tablecloth, bar tables and other party equipments. You name it, we have it!


We provide clean, clear and covered area for your event using gazebo or marquee whether it’s a business or personal occasion. Our goal is to make guests as comfortable as possible even if it’s an outdoor venue like the beach or garden. With our tent for hire, you can be sure that the event is made possible no matter what. We promise to deliver services with excellence and efficiency as expected by our clients.


Whatever your equipment preference is, we have it and you can choice from a wide range of hire equipments when you visit our website. We take pride for being the number one event equipment hire in Melbourne and with our proven track record, you can trust that we stand true to our name and service mission. Our clients can attest to what we do and how we do things that’s why they keep coming back to us because they have great trust on how we do business.


We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business and an excellent customer service can make soar high than the rest. If you wish to have a stress free and unforgettable event, hire our team and we will do the rest so you can relax and set your mind to the party itself. It’s our job to work behind the scenes while making the guests have the time of their lives partying and having fun drinking, dancing, chatting or singing. As long as we make our clients happy, we are happy and will do more to keep them 100% satisfied.


Save yourself money, energy and trouble from going to one supplier to another because it is our job to deliver all your party and event needs at the venue on the day of the occasion.


If you wish to know more about our products and services, call our hotline number or visit respective pages from our website. With Instant Party Hire, have a hassle and worry free, we’ve got you covered!

Event Hire Melbourne

Get ready to beat the heat because summer in Melbourne can definitely get hot throughout this season. Most people would prefer to go out and hit the beach for some water sports or just to swim and others may opt to stay inside their homes or offices and turn the AC on all day.


We do things well and good for any event so if you’re planning to have a small or big celebration this summer, you can always count on Instant Party Hire to make the party, event and any occasion a fun and exciting one. We are the most trusted event hire brand in Melbourne and we provide the essential stuff to complete the list such as marquee, chairs, tables and wine glasses. If you don’t want to miss out on that stuff, we have them and we can provide it to you anytime anywhere as long as you book with us ahead of time.


Call us up right away when you’re planning for a wedding, conference, business event, festivals, corporate events, concerts, birthday party and so on. We do things excellently by making a difference in what we do; we don’t just give you what you want but we go above and beyond the call of duty by serving people with a smile.


Our fast and reliable service keeps our clients coming back to us; we commit to deliver the best products which come only from the highest quality and the best customer service experience.


If you are in the mood to throw a summer party, host an unforgettable event using our equipments and then leave the rest to us. We will take care of your event like our very own. There’s no need to stress about the little things because Instant Party Hire is here to make things easier for you and your team.


All our event hire equipment is in good condition because we want to make sure on the day event everything is spotless and perfect. We’re the first person to arrive in the venue and the last to go home; we will do the set up and clean up. It is our duty to save you trouble and free you from worries, rest assured you can just say goodbye right away after the event and relax. We will fix the venue like nothing happened.


Call us up and have a friendly chit chat with one of our staff and discuss to them options and choices for your event. We’d love to hear from you soon!

Choosing The Right Heater – Ask Us

We have been involved in the party hire industry for a long time now and people often ask us for advice when they are working out what gear to hire for their upcoming event. This is a great thing to do because we know what clients often forget or hire too much of.

As we come into the Autumn months there is one item that you definitely should not overlook, especially if all or part of your party is being held outside. We all know about the weather in Melbourne. Perfect one minute, disaster the next. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off.

You have a variety of outdoor heaters to choose from when you hire them for a party. These include the round patio style heaters for hire, that you will often see in cafe courtyards. These are easily relocated and provide heat in a circular areas around the heater itself.

We also have three burner radiant heaters that, as the name suggests, radiate heat out from a wall for example into a room or patio area. They come on wheels so are easy to move and do not have the same kind of height requirements as the patio heaters for hire.

The latest style of heater that is popular for hiring are the small jet blower heater. They are great for balconies, sheds, marquees and other areas that have at least one open wall space. they are very powerful and you don’t run them constantly, just in bursts to warm the area up.

One recommendation that we make is to have spare gas bottles on hand, just in case you need them. We have heard of many parties that kick on for longer than expected and then the heating runs out, leaving everyone in the cold. So don’t risk that happening at your party.

Whatever your gas heater hire needs might be, don’t be shy to ask us for advice. No one likes to be cold, so don’t risk getting the wrong heaters or not enough to keep your guests warm this winter.

Don’t forget to prepare your summer event as well !

Party Equipment Hire For Your Summer Event

Fortunately, the Autumn is over, and summer is a favourite time of year to most people and this is a perfect season to celebrate the sunny weather! Instant Party Hire specialise in providing party equipment as well as catering equipment for hire across Melbourne – here’s a complete list of suburbs in Melbourne that use our party equipment hire service.

Instant Party Hire has been providing services to our happy and satisfied clients for a number of years. We service to any event such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, and conferences. No event is too large or small for us, and we will do our best to give you high quality service and our commitment is to make your event as special and memorable as possible.

Instant Party Hire aims to provide a high standard of customer service giving our clients the best ideas and providing perks to make their event a huge success. We can also provide advice on how you can manage the cost at an affordable price range with a number of party packages to choose from.

We are constantly seeking the latest development in this fast-paced modern world in order to offer our clients the best products and equipment needed to expand our market.

Give us a call today on 03 9451 0011 for a quote!

Pro Floor Flooring System

Don’t forget the flooring!

Flooring is one of those things many people don’t think about when arranging an event and they commonly overlook it. Having a stable, hopefully dry floor at any event helps to make it much more comfortable. It helps to keep away mud, dust and prevents chairs from poking into the ground and becoming unstable.

The party flooring hire service we offer uses the latest Pro Floor products which are easy to install and are super durable. So contact us to talk about your next event, and get the right advice and experienced service to make organising it as stress free as possible.

Pro Floor

Instant Party Hire launches new website

3m x 6m Marquees

Welcome to Instant Party Hire’s new website over the coming weeks we will be uploading more products and services all at affordable prices, so stay tuned.

We have a lot of experience in Melbourne’s party equipment hire industry, and can offer you great advice along with quality party equipment at low prices. We cater to a host of different functions and events and our equipment ranges from marquee hire, flooring hire, chair and table hire, outdoor heating hire, glass and linen hire, and catering equipment hire.

If you need something for your event that is not on our website give us a call, if we haven’t got it, we should know where to find it and could probably arrange it along with the other gear you need to have a fun and well organised event. Contact us today.


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